Email Marketing

Why do I need to do e-mail marketing?

Connect with your market!  People need to know about your products and services.  Current and potential clients alike, they need to be kept informed on what you have in stock.  Mail is too expensive for such continuous announcements, and email marketing is now the best direct access method to reach clients.  If you are trying to reach people in any form or fashion, you need to be marketing by email.

Your business needs to build relationships.  A new client needs to know why they should come to you.  Current clients need to know why they should stay with you.  Both are important issues.  Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your market and build those relationships.  Getting to know clients is just as important as your clients getting to know you.

Why not just send out my own email campaigns?

Your time is extremely valuable.  To be effective, email campaigns require a large time investment to research your topics, plan your message, create the content, and design templates that are appealing to your market.  A well thought out campaign with creative content will be very effective at spreading your message, and to do that takes a lot of time.  Are you able to manage your own email marketing?  Absolutely.  Do we doubt your talents?  Absolutely not!  We just want to help reduce your workload so you can focus on other important tasks that you must accomplish.

Of course, in addition to saving you time and effort, we do happen to have a great deal of experience in this arena and have a proven track record of getting great results for everyone we work with.

How can Real Big Marketing help me?

When it comes to email marketing and sending out campaigns, we’ve got your back.  With our tools and experience, your campaigns will get out to your lists on time and consistently.  You and your clients are our focus.  Our goal is to get to know you, get to know your clients, and then build that relationship and connection.

Our services will make sure that your voice is heard by the right people and reach the market that is vital to your business.  By letting us take over, your time can be spent on other responsibilities you have and will make you more efficient.  Contact us to get an evaluation of your needs and services so you can get connected with your market!

Online Reputation Management

What are the benefits of online reputation management?

Every company, including yours, has an online reputation.  Your reputation as a company and business leader is extremely important.  It’s very easy for one negative comment or public image to take hold and put the wrong face on your company.

Is it all about preventing a negative image?  Absolutely not!  Your business has goals, philosophies, things that make you stand out from your competitors and make your products and services trusted in the community.  Online reputation management will build that public image that your company needs.  That public image is directly affected by what people find online.

How does Real Big Marketing take care of online reputation management?

We want to make sure people know you’re company.  It is our priority to ethically build an online presence for you.  Why do we say ethically?  Some companies are in the business of removing all negative comments, posts, websites, mass producing fake profiles and reviews to boost your status.

Real Big Marketing takes a very proactive approach.  Instead of hiding from problems, we face them head on and tackle the real issues. You need happy clients.  You need satisfied clients, customers that feel like their needs and issues addressed and resolved.  We help build that communication between you and your market.

Review sites are some of the places we start.  These will be the most likely places that your image could take a plunge.  We will interact with clients and handle complaints on your behalf.  If there are articles that create a negative image, we will work to get your side of the story heard, and communicate with the author directly.

When you entrust your online reputation management to Real Big Marketing, you can relax and know that you will be taken care of.  We look forward to working with you!

Content Marketing

What is the purpose of Content Marketing?

When trying to reach and convert visitors into clients, content marketing should be a huge consideration.  What you present to the customer on your site, in your news letter, in the company update you mail out each month – content is key!  Informing clients, presenting them with information, but not attempting to blatantly sell your product or service?  Don’t they just need to hear about the product?  No.  Consumers need to get to know you, get to know your company, products, and services.  As that information is absorbed, there conversion rate is likely to be much higher than a product advertisement.

Is Content Marketing effective?

Absolutely!  When you inform and tell people what they need to know, they will place their trust in you.  If they begin to trust your brand, you can create a long term, satisfied customer.  One that will tell their friends!

Banner ads and sales gimmicks have their place, but content marketing is becoming more and more prominent.  Consumers want information.  They want to know what is out there, what is available.  The flashy colors and loud advertisements cannot take the place of solid information.

How do we do it?

As always, here at Real Big Marketing, if you come to us with a need?  We LISTEN.  We get to know you.  The more we get to know your company, your brand, the better we can tell your story.  We tailor the content to the consumers, and we also practice lean content marketing.  We research, hypothesize, implement ideas, and constantly evaluate the results and keep you informed.

Your customers need to hear your unique perspective on how to use products, who has used your services, what were the results?  They need to know WHY to come to you instead of every other company offering the same information.  If you need to be heard, we can make sure you are heard.

We look forward to learning about you and how we can set you apart from the crowd.  Please contact us so we can discuss any content marketing needs you might have.  Talk to you soon!

Full Service Social Media Management

The acceptance of Social Media as an effective communication and marketing channel has increased the demand for Social Media Management.If your target audience is available on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other networks, adding Social Media Management will be an important part of your marketing mix. It will also be a major component of a full Strategic Marketing Plan. 

Our Social Media Management Methodology

Build a Social Media Strategy for your brand

We listen extremely well.  It’s important to understand your reason to exist and your reason to participate in Social Media. It’s also important to understand the demographics of your target audience. This helps achieve more than growth of an internet audiences from entertainment or education. Both are good, but the right strategic choices find people who are passionate about your brand and focus effort in developing those relationships. Our team works with you to plan a strategy that will not just bring in fans, but will generate real leads and build passionate, loyal tribes.

Social Media Management does more than build an audience.


It goes without saying that the web is interconnected. But often we miss out on understanding just how deep the connections go. Beyond the major players such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Fousquare and Yahoo, there are a host of Social Networks. There are also hundreds of listing sites. They come and go with the tides of society. Sometimes it’s even relevant to create your own Social Media Website. Regardless, implementing a consistent Social Media Strategy and Management Across Multiple Platforms maintains the integrated message designed for your brand. This is the starting point. We establish and make consistent your presence on those social networks that will provide the most benefit to your business.

Deliver – Listen, Interact, Promote

Making the most of social media requires two things. The ability to listen to your customer and the ability to interact with regular activity.  We publish Fresh Interactive Content  and professionally deliver custom campaigns. Making the most of Facebook Applications and other  tools such as polling, coupons, embedded content such as Pinterest Pictures and Video is another set of tools that should be used regularly.

Paths to Conversion

Turning Fans Into passionate followers and customers is the fun part. Implementing the technology to automate the process is the important part.  Social networking isn’t about having fun. It’s a fun job but it’s not the goal. It’s about providing your best clients and your worst customers with the opportunity to communicate with your team. Communication is the key.

Customers want to hear about your team. They want to know about your specials and your products, but they really want to feel like you care, like your brand is relevant to their own needs. They want to see you be passionate, and when things go bad with the product or service they purchased from you, they want to know that you care enough to address their problems.

Perception is important. Your brand must be perceived as responsible, and relevant to the consumers. For you it’s about generating leads for your business and opening paths for exceptional customer service. For them it’s not. We manage sophisticated lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns that build data and deliver results while making the customers feel good about your brand.

Test Analyze Improve

Gathering customer intelligence and tracking the effectiveness of campaign components helps make smart business decisions. By capturing how customers share, retweet and like your information it’s possible to decide what’s effective, what’s not and where to allocate resources.

How would we enhance your Social Media Program?

We effectively use social networks for our business and for our clients. We have a strong understanding of marketing communications, how to effectively engage people and fulfill business objectives that are more diverse and challenging than simply growing fans. We understand metrics, ROI and how to analyse data critical to the campaign. We have the ability to delight your customers with customer facing skills. We can also solve problems or deal with irate customers flaming your brand. We have excellent written communication skills and create compelling content, powerful headlines and strong calls to action.

Our team of social media consultants understands the complete social media mix and how to make social an ongoing part of your marketing strategy. We will generate a positive return on your investment. We’d be delighted to understand your business and your goals. Please send us a note or call (517)358-6794 for a no obligation discussion.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

What is search engine optimization?

Our clients often ask, what is SEO? They understand the basics,  that Search Engine Optimization means writing copy that will help them “Do Better” with the search engines, but want to know what’s really involved. How will we write relevant copy? How will we keep content fresh and recent? Why will working with a marketing firm generate more revenue than doing it themselves?

Search engines are the driving force behind connecting your business with potential clients.  Search engines crawl over your site indexing your content as they go. Once indexed, the search engines grade and rank the content based on relevancy, recency and 100’s of other factors like site traffic and links from other sites to yours.  The search engines waits for a search term to be submitted and then provides results to the end users. The list of results is arranged by the algorithm used by the search engine.

Search engine optimization is the art of building unique, relevant, creative content that incorporates these keywords and phrases.  We take special care to research your field and make sure we understand your business.  By doing this, we can successfully optimize your content and site to help boost your position in the rankings.

Organic SEO versus ad campaigns

Organic search engine optimization is the process of building your site’s content around what your potential client is looking for.  It is the long term solution to boosting your ranking.  Ad campaigns will get you in the limelight and viewed while people search.  Campaigns are an excellent option for short term results, but once the campaign is over your site will retain it’s original ranking.  Campaigns can get expensive, so it is better to prepare your site for the periods in between campaigns.

When we optimize your site, we make sure that it will   Attracting visitors to your site is very important.  A vital part of that is keeping them at your site.  If the visitor doesn’t read your content, the potential client has been lost.

What can we do for you?

We want to learn about YOU.  We will research your company, your expertise, your products and services.  After we do this, we will research the relevant keywords and begin to build your content.  We do not promise the number one spot in search results, and no one can.  The internet is full of many, many businesses, organizations, and individuals trying to be the top result.

What we will do is make sure that your site has the best content and SEO available.  We specialize in making sure that your content structure is efficient, that the proper titles, headers, and descriptions are used.  We can even assign the appropriate tags and descriptions to your pictures.  Search engine optimization has no simple or quick application and can get overwhelming if you try to do it yourself.

Our team stays up to date on the latest trends of the internet, searching habits of users, and new standards that are put in place by the search engines.  Your time is valuable so please contact us and we will begin a comprehensive evaluation of your site.  We will helpo you figure out what you need!