Search Engine Optimization – SEO

What is search engine optimization?

Our clients often ask, what is SEO? They understand the basics,  that Search Engine Optimization means writing copy that will help them “Do Better” with the search engines, but want to know what’s really involved. How will we write relevant copy? How will we keep content fresh and recent? Why will working with a marketing firm generate more revenue than doing it themselves?

Search engines are the driving force behind connecting your business with potential clients.  Search engines crawl over your site indexing your content as they go. Once indexed, the search engines grade and rank the content based on relevancy, recency and 100’s of other factors like site traffic and links from other sites to yours.  The search engines waits for a search term to be submitted and then provides results to the end users. The list of results is arranged by the algorithm used by the search engine.

Search engine optimization is the art of building unique, relevant, creative content that incorporates these keywords and phrases.  We take special care to research your field and make sure we understand your business.  By doing this, we can successfully optimize your content and site to help boost your position in the rankings.

Organic SEO versus ad campaigns

Organic search engine optimization is the process of building your site’s content around what your potential client is looking for.  It is the long term solution to boosting your ranking.  Ad campaigns will get you in the limelight and viewed while people search.  Campaigns are an excellent option for short term results, but once the campaign is over your site will retain it’s original ranking.  Campaigns can get expensive, so it is better to prepare your site for the periods in between campaigns.

When we optimize your site, we make sure that it will   Attracting visitors to your site is very important.  A vital part of that is keeping them at your site.  If the visitor doesn’t read your content, the potential client has been lost.

What can we do for you?

We want to learn about YOU.  We will research your company, your expertise, your products and services.  After we do this, we will research the relevant keywords and begin to build your content.  We do not promise the number one spot in search results, and no one can.  The internet is full of many, many businesses, organizations, and individuals trying to be the top result.

What we will do is make sure that your site has the best content and SEO available.  We specialize in making sure that your content structure is efficient, that the proper titles, headers, and descriptions are used.  We can even assign the appropriate tags and descriptions to your pictures.  Search engine optimization has no simple or quick application and can get overwhelming if you try to do it yourself.

Our team stays up to date on the latest trends of the internet, searching habits of users, and new standards that are put in place by the search engines.  Your time is valuable so please contact us and we will begin a comprehensive evaluation of your site.  We will helpo you figure out what you need!