Case Studies

We’ve done some pretty cool things for some pretty incredible companies.

  • Lowry Solutions

    Decades of Innovation

    Since 1974 Lowry Solutions has implemented technology innovations nationwide with over 10,000 customers. Lowry is the premier AIDC system integrator and provider of simplified traceability solutions.

    Problems Solved

    Robust Cross-site Search

    We developed a custom website for Lowry Solutions that showcases their services and their catalog of over 82,000 items. We also implemented a custom, cross-site search using Algolia that brings together relevant results from both a .net subdomain site and the primary WordPress site. This improved user experience has generated a significant boost in conversion.

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  • The Detroit Zoo

    The Detroit Zoo has 125 acres of naturalistic habitats for more than 2,000 animals from anteaters to zebras and features award-winning attractions. At Real Big Marketing, we admire the stance taken by the Detroit Zoo; leading the way in wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

    Problems Solved

    Eco-Friendly Website

    We developed the website for The Detroit Zoo with sustainability in mind. Our developers worked with the Detroit Zoo to implement a print friendly version of their website. This eco-friendly version of the website was developed to cut down on the usage of ink. We did things such as; disabling images, swapping out colors and disabling content based on how it would effect ink levels when printing out content from the website.

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