Content Marketing

What is the purpose of Content Marketing?

When trying to reach and convert visitors into clients, content marketing should be a huge consideration.  What you present to the customer on your site, in your news letter, in the company update you mail out each month – content is key!  Informing clients, presenting them with information, but not attempting to blatantly sell your product or service?  Don’t they just need to hear about the product?  No.  Consumers need to get to know you, get to know your company, products, and services.  As that information is absorbed, there conversion rate is likely to be much higher than a product advertisement.

Is Content Marketing effective?

Absolutely!  When you inform and tell people what they need to know, they will place their trust in you.  If they begin to trust your brand, you can create a long term, satisfied customer.  One that will tell their friends!

Banner ads and sales gimmicks have their place, but content marketing is becoming more and more prominent.  Consumers want information.  They want to know what is out there, what is available.  The flashy colors and loud advertisements cannot take the place of solid information.

How do we do it?

As always, here at Real Big Marketing, if you come to us with a need?  We LISTEN.  We get to know you.  The more we get to know your company, your brand, the better we can tell your story.  We tailor the content to the consumers, and we also practice lean content marketing.  We research, hypothesize, implement ideas, and constantly evaluate the results and keep you informed.

Your customers need to hear your unique perspective on how to use products, who has used your services, what were the results?  They need to know WHY to come to you instead of every other company offering the same information.  If you need to be heard, we can make sure you are heard.

We look forward to learning about you and how we can set you apart from the crowd.  Please contact us so we can discuss any content marketing needs you might have.  Talk to you soon!