Website Development & Design

What kind of website design is available?

Website design has evolved a great deal in the last 10 years.  Instead of static, unchanging, and unmanageable sites, you can have your site built on a content management platform, or CMS.  What is a CMS?  Your website becomes an interactive experience for both you and your visitors.  The information can be updated regularly, content and media can be stored on the site, and the whole process can be managed by you.

What do I need for my business?

As Google and search engines become a way of life, you need to have an on-line presence.  People need to be able to find you.  The problem is that every other business is in the same boat.  To compete, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  unique content, and a site that visitors stay on are huge.

Your business needs to have the tools to be able to compete.  The tools need to be easy to use and cost effective.  Where can you get these website design services?  Who can design a site that represents your business?  Talk to us, we can help!

How can Real Big Marketing help?

We keep up on the latest trends and programming for websites.  Our mission is to figure out your needs and design a site that accurately represents your products and services.  Whether it’s E-commerce to updated SEO services, we will make sure that your business is equipped with the right equipment to reach your market.

What happens when I get my website?

It’s your website.  We can manage it or you operate it yourself.  You can take your site and run with it, select our back up services, and if later on down the road you have changes, we will be available and can quote future custom programming.  You can add new users, update your posts and content, and blog efficiently and effectively right on your site.

Be sure to contact us so we can begin evaluating your needs and begin planning your website design.  We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

E commerce Websites

Are you looking for E commerce solutions?

It’s great when your business is expanding and it is time to start showcasing on-line.  Do you want to have just a catalogue?  How about virtual, downloadable products?  Do you have a massive amount of inventory that needs automatic order processing?  Do you have a million products and don’t know what to do?  If you don’t know where to turn for E commerce websites, please keep reading!

We build E commerce websites!

You have come to the right place!  Whether you have a specialized line that needs showcasing or a huge selection of auto parts or makeup, we can do it.  Creating an E commerce website, or even just looking for someone who can build it, can be very overwhelming!  You are not alone.  Many other businesses have the same need to build an on-line presence like you do.

We have the experience and tools to build very functional, stream-lined E commerce websites.  If you need us to manage the site, we provide that service as well!  Promotions, product updates, search engine optimization to reach your target market?  Real Big Marketing is here to help.

Where do I start?

The first step is to contact us.  If you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of inventory you need to list, or if you are planning to expand your business in the next few years, please call.  We want to hear from you!  We will guide you in the direction you need to be headed and can manage the process of creating E commerce websites.

Real Big Marketing cares about the success of your business.  It’s why we went into business!  E commerce websites give people access to store stores and products 24/7.  The freedom to browse your inventory, learn about your business, and even purchase products from home is a very powerful tool.  We’re excited to hear from you and become a part of your big ideas!

Brand Management / Branding

Brand management is the art of impressions. The first impression most potential customers will have of your brand won’t be made in person, it will be made online or through advertising. Even after the first impression we continue to build the perception of our brand. Every time we advertise, promote or network. It’s occurring through our websites, social media, multimedia, and PR. Every one of these touches is critical to your brand.

Real Big Marketing is a strategic marketing and communications firm with deep experience in effectively building a brand. We’ve learned that the best way to build a brand is to take a holistic approach. To push and pull people with great information and coherent message. We follow four steps that should be a part of any brand management program. We call this Holistic Brand Management.

What do you mean by Holistic Brand Management?

Based on the old adage that proper planning prevents poor performance, branding a product or a company takes time, thought and effort. To achieve high returns, Brand Management with Real Big Marketing is delivered as an ongoing process, and very seldom as a single campaign.  Our holistic approach has four basic steps:

Target your ideal clients


We listen really well. We ask probing questions and perform a comprehensive Brand Audit. We evaluate the landscape and your online presence to determine how your brand is interpreted through the lenses of Google, Bing, Yahoo, We evaluate the way you interact with your clients and the social environment of your competition. We analyze your business’ needs and create marketing programs to meet them. We work hard to identify your ideal client and figure out why they connect with your brand.[divider_flat] Brand Management Strategy - Product Price Placement Promotion People Process Proof


Every marketing strategy is different because your clients and your needs are unique.  We expand the marketing mix to look at the best way to work. We go beyond product, price, placement and promotion to look at people, procedure and proof. Branding strategies are more than just rinsing and repeating from one client to the next. We know what works – not because we say so, but because the data supports it.[divider_flat]Execute


Strategy dictates technology and channel. We will work with your clients using the right tools for the job, without bias or a need to sell something because we, “come from an industry” or have a machine that must be fed. If your best clients are accessible by direct mail and end caps, then that’s where you’ll find us. If they’re available via social media and adwords, we’ll take you there  as well. Will they search for you online? Then amazing SEO and a quality website could be in order. We make it easy for your best clients to connect with your brand.[divider_flat] Real Big Marketing Delivers fantastic branding results


We will bring home the bacon for you. We will show you the data to prove results.[divider_flat]

Whether you’re starting from scratch or breathing new life into a brand that’s been around for some time, we have solid processes in place to deliver big ideas and real results. Our clients believe we are the best Brand Management firm in Michigan. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say about our holistic approach to branding here.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a critical component of Marketing Communications & Branding. Experienced Graphic Designers will help you succeed by expressing your brand creatively. Exceptional Graphic Design does several things for your brand:

  1. Represent your values and passion
  2. Present a consistent, integrated marketing theme
  3. Evoke emotional response and grab attention, specifically the attention of your target audience
  4. Separates you from your competition
  5. Motivates sales

What steps do we follow in our Graphic Design Process

We listen exceptionally well and we ask probing questions.  We have to understand your goals and how your best customers connect with your company. Why are you in business and why do your clients “Get you”?  We want to learn about your values and how your services are different than the next company.  Once we have a feel for who you are and what you do, we can begin looking for ways to communicate that message visually.

Fit, Finish, Form & Function

Our graphic designers take everything we’ve learned about you and your company, your goals, your audience and your marketing strategy to build the most unique and relevant designs. All of the collateral and artwork  will fit together and maintain a consistent finish to convey an integrated message. A message that’s true to the your genre and your strategy.  Form and function will work together to provide useful tools that look good too.

Graphic design goes beyond Logo Creation

Of course logos are important. Critical at that, but graphic layout and design does not stop when the logo is finished. Whether you’re advertising online or off, there is an exhaustive list of items that may become part of your marketing strategy. Everything from ad slicks to presentations to newer items like lenticular printing, raised toner and variable data printing.
We’re eager to help convey your brand with Professional Graphic Design Services. Send us a note or give us a call for a no-obligation discussion. (517) 358-6794