Email Marketing

Why do I need to do e-mail marketing?

Connect with your market!  People need to know about your products and services.  Current and potential clients alike, they need to be kept informed on what you have in stock.  Mail is too expensive for such continuous announcements, and email marketing is now the best direct access method to reach clients.  If you are trying to reach people in any form or fashion, you need to be marketing by email.

Your business needs to build relationships.  A new client needs to know why they should come to you.  Current clients need to know why they should stay with you.  Both are important issues.  Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your market and build those relationships.  Getting to know clients is just as important as your clients getting to know you.

Why not just send out my own email campaigns?

Your time is extremely valuable.  To be effective, email campaigns require a large time investment to research your topics, plan your message, create the content, and design templates that are appealing to your market.  A well thought out campaign with creative content will be very effective at spreading your message, and to do that takes a lot of time.  Are you able to manage your own email marketing?  Absolutely.  Do we doubt your talents?  Absolutely not!  We just want to help reduce your workload so you can focus on other important tasks that you must accomplish.

Of course, in addition to saving you time and effort, we do happen to have a great deal of experience in this arena and have a proven track record of getting great results for everyone we work with.

How can Real Big Marketing help me?

When it comes to email marketing and sending out campaigns, we’ve got your back.  With our tools and experience, your campaigns will get out to your lists on time and consistently.  You and your clients are our focus.  Our goal is to get to know you, get to know your clients, and then build that relationship and connection.

Our services will make sure that your voice is heard by the right people and reach the market that is vital to your business.  By letting us take over, your time can be spent on other responsibilities you have and will make you more efficient.  Contact us to get an evaluation of your needs and services so you can get connected with your market!