Kyle’s WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014 Presentations

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014 was an absolute blast this year. We attended in 2013 for the first time which was excellent and have been excited ever since for 2014. This time, I was privileged enough to be asked to speak, not once butย twiceย at this fantastic event.

The entire event was great and I thoroughly enjoyed all the presentations and meeting so many awesomeย people.

Both of my talks were a blast and I was thrilled to receive lots of great feedback. Here are links to my slides as well as all the tweets from kind folks who attended my presentations:

Don’t Fear the Code


1, 2, 5! Theme Customization Best Practices

Thanks everyone for the comments and for attending. See you all at the next WordCamp!

Good Times at WordCamp Chicago 2014

Here we are again. Back at WordCamp Chicago and having an excellent time.

Yesterday I gave a talk on shortcodes in WordPress in the 201 track for Foundation Friday. It was really exciting and I had a blast. Lots of positive feedback afterwards which I really appreciated. I was also grateful to be so early in the schedule so I could complete my talk, get my awesome speaker gift and enjoy the rest of WordCamp.

Yesterday I was able to spend most of my time in the “unconferenced” 401 track where I chatted with other speakers, developers and general WP masters. I took a way lots of learning, inspiration and also positive feedback. Especially helpful was the encouragement I received from Steve Zehngut about a plugin we’ve been working on for a while now.

We’ve been meeting lots of great people and reuniting with friends while learning more about WordPress, the web and this awesome community. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions and the after party tonight.

Kyle’s WordCamp Chicago 2014 Presentation

Here are the slides for my Shortcode Shenanigans presentation for WordCamp Chicago 2014:

Shortcode Shenanigans

I really hope everyone found my presentation useful. I had a fantastic time talking about shortcodes with everyone and had an amazing audience. Lots of great questions and excellent feedback when I finished.

Here are some tweets about the talk:

WordCamp Chicago 2014 was an awesome event and I had a great time. Got to meet and reunite with so many great people and learn from a host of brilliant experts in the WP community. Looking forward to many more WordCamps in the future.

Kyle’s WordCamp North Canton 2014 Presentations

This post is to be used as a reference for anyone who has attended my presentations at WordCamp North Canton or WordPress Ann Arbor. If you are reading this, it is likely that you attended one or both of my talks and are interested in reviewing the slides. Not too surprised as I have a terrible tendency to talk way too fast and cram too much into a presentation. Sorry.

Here are links to my two talks:

Theme Customization Best Practices

In the theme customizations talk we discussed what WordPress themes are, what child themes are, how they both work in relation to each other and then walked through several scenarios and talked about the ideal solution to each problem. In the Ann Arbor talk, we were unable to cover the final section of the presentation which dives into workflow best practices for development.

Enhancing the Admin UX for Clients

In the admin UX talk, I cover the reasons we as website creators need to very seriously consider the experience our clients have when they login to the sites we create for them. There are many consequences of bad admin UX and benefits of good admin UX and we discuss them here. Also covered are some practical examples of actions we can take to improve the admin UX.

Also, here’s a nice pic shared by Ross Johnson during the first talk at a meetup in Ann Arbor:

Talkin’ ’bout child themes

I also am very appreciative of all the wonderful people who took the time to compliment and provide feedback on the sessions. Here are some tweets from awesome people:

Wordcamp Chicago 2013

Well here we are! Steve, Rogan and myself hopped in the car for a weekend of WordPress at the 2013 Chicago Wordcamp and are having a great time so far. So many great people and so much awesome information. Thus far we have attended 3 highly informative sessions:

So far each has been incredibly informative. We learned a lot from Brad Parbs about using SASS for compiling CSS in the first session and much more about the amazing power available within WordPress templates.

Andy Christian had a lot of great insight on typography and the best use of fonts on the web. He also had loads of great resources for fonts.

Right now about to learn more about all the cool stuff available within WP queries.