Reason to Exist? What’s in a Marketing Plan

To be your self in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I had a conversation with Eric Stroller where we were discussing a template I’d created for a Social Media Marketing plan. One of the points he identified as being critically important was a section on why the client should use social media.  He said that he thought, “… all companies should have a “raison d’etre”, a reason to exist.”  Hence the title of this post.  Regardless, Eric had a point that struck deep with me.  That if you’re going to lay out a plan, you better realized why you’re doing it.

Why you’re doing something is critical.  Why do you sell what you sell?  is it because you want to make money?  If so, check out this TED video featuring Simon Sinek:

Simon and Eric share a common belief: Understanding “why” is critical to everything else you do when creating a plan. Why am I in business?  It’s not to make money.  Making money is a side product.  Why do my clients buy from me? It’s not quality or price, it’s because they see what you see; they believe what you believe.   This above all else dictates emotional connection.  So, who connects with you?  Can you answer, “Who is my ideal client?” Who gets you? Who believes what you believe?

social environments of people just like your best customers.  Where are they?  Are they online? More than likely, but maybe not.  It’s the answers to the questions; why, who and where that will dictate how to go to market and what marketing vehicles will be effective in a strategic marketing plan.

In future posts, I’ll dive into the benefits of target marketing, segmentation, effective methods for understanding your target audience, and we’ll look at some ideas for implementing those ideas, working out who your ideal clients are, and how to replicate the success you already enjoy. Sign up for ownRSS feed for updates or follow me on Twitter, facebook or LinkedIn to read this exciting next post.