Mount Hope Community Church

Pastor Tim Mullins, driven by his strong desire to spread the Christian message, approached us to develop a website and strong web presence for Mount Hope Community Church in Jackson, Michigan. He believed that the most effective way to attract more followers to his church family would be by showcasing their community online and making the message they share every Sunday available to anyone searching the web.

Of course, we wholeheartedly agree with Tim that, marketing on the web is absolutely the way to go, and so we put a plan in motion to create a website that would allow Tim and other members of his congregation to share information and attract new members online.

To accomplish this, we spent a lot of time discussing, listening and researching with various members of the MHCC staff. Then we put together a site architecture which would showcase the various aspects of their community clearly and effectively. After that, we built in some additional functionality so that they would be able to add additional value to end users by posting a calendar of upcoming events, staff profiles, community news and audio recordings of Pastor Tim’s sermons.

Student Statesmanship Institute

One of the great privileges we experienced here at Real Big Marketing in 2013 was the chance to work again with the folks at SSI. This time on a huge re-vamp of their main website.

We had collaborated once before in 2012 on a different project, which lead shortly after to this e,xciting endeavor. In the initial discussion held with James Muffett (President of SSI) and company, a need for a fresh new look was an important element. This was handled marvelously, as always by good friend and local branding guru Bill Latocki whom we are always excited to collaborate with.

Some other components that were requested in this project were:

  • E-commerce functionality for selling products online
  • A highly customized navigational menu
  • An FAQ section with collapsible topics and simple content management processes for authors
  • A completely interactive social environment for alumni to engage staff and other former attendees
  • Restricted areas of the site which are accessible only by staff and approved members
  • A donation feature to facilitate fundraising
  • A specific portion of the site devoted to historical articles about SSI

Naturally this sounded like a fantastic project and we welcomed the opportunity to help this great organization move forward and achieve its goals.

Mullins Roofing

Tim Mullins and Brady Robinson brought us in to review their current online presence and discuss appropriate measures to gain more traction and grow their business. The determination was made after some analysis that a new website, Search Engine Optimization and an Adwords campaign would be highly effective in attracting new business.

We worked closely with Brady and Tim to generate new relevant content for the site. Creating the ability to showcase past work would allow us to target specific cities. We created a robust portfolio system which enables the customer to easily document jobs as they are completed and quickly submit content to the site administrators for publishing. This Content/Search Engine Marketing has lifted the companies presence in both the Google and Bing Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This organic approach was combined with Google Adwords and Bing Ads to create a halo effect, where both the organic and paid listings show up on the SERP at the same time. 

Bethany Care Home

This Jackson, Michigan based non-profit organization which provides care for senior citizens was experiencing growth and wanted to expand their visibility to the web. We were contacted by the facility’s director Pam Dill to construct a professional website that would help grow awareness in the community of their presence and what they offer as well as allow generous contributors to donate online to Bethany Care Home.

We were definitely up to the task and soon delivered a brand new website. Following the site’s launch a request was made for assistance in promoting an October craft event that was being held to raise funds for Bethany and promote local businesses. Without hesitation we put together a quick e-mail campaign and promoted the event on Bethany’s new site. The event turned out well and will likely become an annual event.

Harmonica Reinvented

Certainly not your run-of-the-mill marketing campaign (whatever that is), but all the more interesting because of it, Bill Price’s revolutionary method for playing the harmonica needed some exposure. Bill reached out to us for assistance and so we assembled a website that would showcase his method and all the creative works he has put together for demonstration purposes.

Bill’s method is based on the concept that diatonic harmonica’s in different musical tunings or “keys” could be coupled together to empower a harmonica player with a greater range, therefore enabling them to perform musical arrangements that are too complex for a single diatonic harmonica.

We have been working with Bill since to refine his strategy and make sure his unique idea gets the exposure it needs to grow. For all you music lovers out there, we recommend you visit his site and check out some of the great jams that Bill has recorded professionally and posted on his site.