We are releasing a premium WordPress plugin

At Real Big Marketing we have been using WordPress to help our clients achieve their goals for years. Over the course of those years we’ve gained experience with the platform and have participated in the WordPress community in a big way. From publishing free plugins, to contributing patches to Meta trac, to co-organizing a meetup and a WordCamp, we have made a name for ourselves as the WordPress guys.

And so now we’ve taken another big step and are announcing the release of our first official product, Render. Render is a plugin for WordPress which enables content creators to insert complex elements anywhere they desire with very little effort. What sort of complex elements? Here are a few examples:

  • A dynamic list of posts
  • Content in a column layout
  • Content that is visible or hidden based on conditions such as whether a user is logged in or not
  • Information about the current user such as their username and email
  • Many more

Here’s a video which demonstrates what the plugin does:

The plugin includes a very easy to use interface for adding these elements to a post’s content or even a sidebar. It is also incredibly developer friendly so taking advantage of the functionality that Render provides is a snap for anyone with basic WordPress coding skills.

What does this mean to you?

If you use WordPress…

Consider taking a look at Render to see if it might be able to help you create better content more easily. We’ve packed it with very useful and unique features and invested heavily in the User Experience to ensure the use of the features is painless for even basic users. And let us know what you think! Do you see any way that we could make it better? Do you have questions about it? We’re here to help.

If you are a client or considering hiring Real Big Marketing…

Know that our commitment to providing the highest quality marketing services to all of our clients is unchanged. Consider this an illustration of the fact that we are more than capable of developing quality custom solutions and you will have to search for a while to find a team more comfortable and experienced with the WordPress platform. If anything, this demonstrates how important it is to us that what we develop is easy to use.

How to Use Console.log in Javascript

The Javascript command console.log allow us to “Print Out” to the console.  When you need to see what the computer is processing you have to ask it to show you.  The correct way to write the code is like this:

console.log("show everything between these parentheses")

This command will log to the console anything within the parentheses including strings and equations. Here are two examples:

console.log(8 * 10);
console.log("Nice to be able to see what the interpreter, the computer, is working on.");

How to Create a Comment in Javascript

Javascript’s comment symbol is the dual // at the beginning of the line.

Comments become helpful when writing Javascript. Using the comment function forces the computer to ignore or skip everything else on the line. Comments let us separate sections of the code, write reminders and notes, annotate where snippets came from, and let us disable lines of code for troubleshooting.


//This is a comment.
//The computer executing Javascript will ignore everything after the dual forward slashes.