Thank you for attending our presentation which was brought to you by the Brooklyn-Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce and the MISBTDC. We hope you enjoyed our session and wish you the best of success with the future growth of your business.

Here are the resources which were used and discussed during our session:

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  1. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is a social media management service which allows users to manage multiple accounts from various social channels at once. It also offers special tools such as the ability to schedule content and to automatically post from RSS feeds.
  2. Task Timer – A very useful Chrome extension which gives you a simple timer and alert which can help you understand better how your time is spent and hold yourself accountable.
  3. StumbleUpon – Powerful tool for finding amazing content from across the web that is relevant to your and your follower’s interests. Use caution though, it will present really interesting things and can cost you time if you are not careful. Remember the Task Timer.
  4. Zapier – A powerful service that makes integrating popular web applications possible for non programmers.

Other useful tools

  1. MailChimp – The easiest to use and yet still among the most powerful e-mail marketing tools. Getting social media followers to subscribe to your Mailchimp lists presents an incredible opportunity to engage customers even further.
  2. Clickappy – A unique and easy to use service for creating your own Facebook Apps.
  3. Photo Dune – Excellent source for stock images which are critical elements in successful blogging and the social distribution of your content.
  4. Google Alerts – Be notified when your business is mentioned online.
  5. Mention – Basically the same concept as Google Alerts only more comprehensive and with more options.
  6. Social Mention – Very similar to Google Alerts and Mention.
  7. Tweepi – Free service with lots of useful tools for managing and growing your Twitter account.

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