What Does a Heading Tag Identify?

In a previous post on How to Use Heading Tags. We left out a key piece of information, defining what a title tag designates, and what it does not. Headings tags wrap headlines or important points only. Applying them designates the wrapped content as a headline of some type. They do not designate or wrap the section of body copy supporting the headline. The h1 tag wraps the blog title. An h2 tag could wrap section headings. H3 tags could wrap subheadings or important points, but you don’t wrap a whole paragraph in an h tag. Here’s an example:

What does a tag wrap around in a blog post

Each bit of copy wrapped in <h#> tags above is simply a headline of one type or another. The supporting paragraphs of information that come after are not wrapped in header tags. Instead, they are the supporting information for the headline.


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