Eric Defore

Eric is a self-taught web developer and designer who focuses on WordPress development. He’s been with the business since fall of ’15 and has helped with many site-builds and development projects.

When not designing and developing custom websites, Eric can be found tinkering with a variety of hardware and different programming languages. He loves to understand how things work at “the bare metal” so that he can bring them to their full potential or otherwise do something beyond what they were originally meant to do. 

Eric sees programming as a series of puzzles that need to be solved, which exhilarates him. The newer and more complicated the challenge the better. Each line of code has its place in the whole—getting them all performing their jobs most efficiently is what makes it the most rewarding for him.

Eric has been working with websites since he was about 14 and loves building with WordPress. Its intuitive interfaces and extensive APIs make it a joy to develop with and it is constantly improving with every new release. The way that it works “under the hood” leads to so many possibilities for creating fantastic websites that can be easily maintained for many years to come.