Web Hosting

Just some of our hosting partners:

Why do you need web hosting?

Who controls where my site resides?  Will the server be fast enough?  Is there enough storage?  Your website needs a place to call home.  The content must be stored and maintained on a server managed by an outside provider and the equipment and services they provide is called web hosting. Depending on the content, purpose, and size of your website, you will need different levels of service from your hosting provider.  It can be a challenge to determine exactly what will fit your needs and budget.

What are the benefits of one web hosting company over another, and how do you choose?

Which web hosting provider can expand their service as your company grows?  How can you judge which company will give your domain and content management system the power that it needs?  Each web hosting company has it’s own unique strengths and services offered.  Some companies excel at mass data storage, others at expedient customer service and extreme backup protection.  It is important to select the right hosting provider and it is all dependent on your needs.  Not only are your current needs important, you must also consider the future of your business and which services you might require later down the road.

What role does Real Big Marketing play?

We come in and evaluate your needs.  Sometimes, clients will have a pre-existing web site that needs to be rebuilt and transferred to a different web hosting provider.  Other times, a client may not want to have to deal with the company.  No matter what your needs, we can help you.  We know the strengths of each company and can make sure to set you up with the appropriate level of service for your business.  We will connect you with the right provider and make sure that you are well taken care of.