Campaign Management

Marketers must quickly evolve their strategies, tactics and campaign management operations.  These changes must occur quicker than it takes for your consumers to choose a new method for interacting with your brand. As customer choices change, the marketer must remaster each new communication channel to build a new connection with the client.

Effective Campaign Management with Real Big Marketing

Opportunities available in Campaign Management

Digital channels continue to gain traction. They are pulling a larger portion of ads spend today and will continue to expand in the future. Each new channel is a marketer’s opportunity for another touch point. Each is another opportunity to connect. The voice of the customer becomes clearer when we have more opportunities to listen, learn and provide amazing service. However, there is a direct relationship between the number of campaign options and the complexity in managing the campaign.

Through Campaign Management we are able to drive up sales, ROI and profit. We have opportunities to remove expense, and reuse assets. We have the ability to share insights across channels and departments. However we also have the increased responsibility of managing more. We now have to manage the campaigns that have already been successful and continue to add the new channels that keep growing.

Complexity of Campaign Management Keeps Growing

Before the web, creative and production used to be expensive and hyper-local. Today, content can be produced anywhere an internet connection exists. There was a time when direct mail, radio, tv and the newspaper were the only choices for marketing. The only thing that could change was the picture on the TV. Today we have far greater reach, the ability to implement variable data and create dynamic content.

Print, Digital Production and Content Services designed for High Performance

It’s important to speak with a single voice across all marketing channels. This is called integrated marketing. There are two reasons. First, consistent messaging performs better and increases the ROI of your marketing campaigns. It leaves the consumer with a relevant and consistent message.  Second, integration of the message across channels makes it more cost effective to run campaigns. It provides the team with creative and copy that  is easily shared. Shared resources contribute directly to faster turnaround times, decreased costs and simpler operations.

How will Campaign Management help you and your team?

Our broad network of resources for Media, Print, Digital and Content Production provide branding and marketing teams the resources to deliver unique, personal customer experiences. We help you drive revenue by:

  • Shifting time-consuming marketing delivery and Campaign Management activities to more efficient processes
  • Enhancing print, media, content creation and production activities
  • Enabling quick refinements to copy and creative with advanced asset management tools
  • Providing a holistic and sustainable marketing model

We’re eager to support businesses that see the benefits of professionally managed campaign services. Send us a note or call for a no obligation conversation about how we can help. (517) 358-6794