Joel Worsham

Joel is a self-taught WordPress developer and designer, and homegrown in Jackson, MI.┬áHe’s been with the business since summer of ’14 and has helped with many site-builds and development projects.

When not designing and developing custom websites, Joel is an avid WordPress plugin developer. He’s built many useful plugins, here at RBM, as well as a few larger projects that we boast as our flagship plugins. He loves working on them and always gets excited to break open a new plugin.

Joel is an expert in WordPress. He spends about every day working in the development world of WordPress, in themes, core, and plugins. WordPress is what gets him excited and it’s the number one tool he recommends to anyone looking for an easy, intuitive solution to building top-notch websites.

PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and SASS are Joel’s tools of choice, and he knows them in and out (well, mostly!). These are the languages he’s diving deep into every day and power the websites and plugins he’s developed.