Student Statesmanship Institute

One of the great privileges we experienced here at Real Big Marketing in 2013 was the chance to work again with the folks at SSI. This time on a huge re-vamp of their main website.

We had collaborated once before in 2012 on a different project, which lead shortly after to this e,xciting endeavor. In the initial discussion held with James Muffett (President of SSI) and company, a need for a fresh new look was an important element. This was handled marvelously, as always by good friend and local branding guru Bill Latocki whom we are always excited to collaborate with.

Some other components that were requested in this project were:

  • E-commerce functionality for selling products online
  • A highly customized navigational menu
  • An FAQ section with collapsible topics and simple content management processes for authors
  • A completely interactive social environment for alumni to engage staff and other former attendees
  • Restricted areas of the site which are accessible only by staff and approved members
  • A donation feature to facilitate fundraising
  • A specific portion of the site devoted to historical articles about SSI

Naturally this sounded like a fantastic project and we welcomed the opportunity to help this great organization move forward and achieve its goals.