Harmonica Reinvented

Certainly not your run-of-the-mill marketing campaign (whatever that is), but all the more interesting because of it, Bill Price’s revolutionary method for playing the harmonica needed some exposure. Bill reached out to us for assistance and so we assembled a website that would showcase his method and all the creative works he has put together for demonstration purposes.

Bill’s method is based on the concept that diatonic harmonica’s in different musical tunings or “keys” could be coupled together to empower a harmonica player with a greater range, therefore enabling them to perform musical arrangements that are too complex for a single diatonic harmonica.

We have been working with Bill since to refine his strategy and make sure his unique idea gets the exposure it needs to grow. For all you music lovers out there, we recommend you visit his site and check out some of the great jams that Bill has recorded professionally and posted on his site.